For security reasons

In Magnitogorsk a great attention is paid to the state of the street and road network. The priority is to create high quality and safe roads. To solve a number of road problems, the city administration decided to dismantle crosswalks that are not safe for movement.

Under the conditions of high rate of the city development, the intensity of transport flow increases, and the number of cars increases annually by about 10-15%. In this connection, road safety measures are actively taken, and it helps to reduce the overall dynamics of the accident. Pedestrians are often victims of accidents. Since the beginning of 2020 in Magnitogorsk recorded a total of 78 road accidents with a hit on pedestrians, 20 of which are made on regulated and 27 on unregulated crosswalks. To save lives and health of Magnitogorsk citizens, it is necessary to carry out regular checks of a street and road network.

"Our task is to control that all conditions at crosswalks are met to ensure pedestrian traffic safety. According to the federal law once a year we approve hotbeds of accident", - the head of the department of the road inspection of Magnitogorsk Alexey Burdukov reported.

In Magnitogorsk there are about 850 crosswalks, and among them are those that do not meet state standards. Some of them lead to a condition that meets all necessary requirements: create artificial irregularities, set traffic lights with a defiant phase or new models T.7. But not always the current crosswalk can be made as safe as possible.

"In a settlement with a population of more than 400 thousand people, the distance between crosswalks on the street and road network should not be less than 300 meters. Thus, those crosswalks, at which this distance is not maintained, are eliminated. Since the beginning of 2020, we have had a commission on the organization of road traffic, during which it was decided to eliminate 29 sites that do not meet safety standards and are dangerous for pedestrians. Now we are actively working on the dismantling, and it will be completed by the end of this year," - said the Head of Engineering, Transport and Communications Dmitry Groshev.

In the course of the work the crosswalk signs are removed and zebra is demarcated. Where it is technically possible, fences are installed. Traffic police officers control the movement of pedestrians in areas of dismantling. The list of dismantled crosswalks can be found in the attached table.

Due to the large number of crosswalks with a short distance between them there are traffic jams, and they not only increase traffic accidents, but also worsen the environmental situation. The city administration asks residents to understand the measures taken, as they are aimed at reducing traffic accidents and preserving the life and health of pedestrians.