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The city district of Huaiyin (Huai'an) (China), located in the north of China's seaside province - Jiangsu, is divided into 4 districts and 4 provinces and covers an area of 10,000 km². It is the second largest in the province. The population of the city is about 5.4 million people.

The city's GDP is about 21.5 billion US dollars; the financial income is 5 billion US dollars, including 2.3 billion of income to the budget. In the city there are more than 2,400 enterprises of various industries. Industry, as well as secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy rapidly develops.

Mayor of Huaiyin (Huai'an) City District - Qu Futian.

Huaiyin (Huai'an) is one of the most important transportation hubs in Jiangsu province, it includes a network of automobile, air, water and railway lines.

The city is located on a resource-rich territory and in a picturesque area. Oil, gas and other minerals are laced in the ground . As for halite stocks, Huaiyin (Huai'an) takes the first place in the world.  1 Вид города

Today, Huaiyin (Huai'an) is considered one of the largest centers for processing grain and fish and producing of fruits and vegetables, in addition, there are textile, chemical, engineering and metallurgical industries.

To attract foreign investment, a special economic development zone has been established in the city. It includes about 500 joint enterprises with various countries around the world.

2 Вид города

Huaiyin (Huai'an) is an ancient city with more than two thousand years of history. Many famous people in China were born here: the first Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai, the famous writer and poet of the Ming dynasty, the author of the novel "Journey to the West" Wu Cheng, the military and statesman of the Han-Han Xin dynasty and many others. In addition, Huai'an is also one of the gastronomic centers of China and home of more than 1,300 popular Chinese dishes.


3 Озеро Хунцзэху
4 Озеро Хунцзэху

Hongze Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in the country, it is famous for its rich natural resources and spectacular scenery. Crabs that live in the lake are considered one of the most delicious and attract lovers of gastronomic tourism from all over the world. 

5 Мавзолей императора династии Мин

The mausoleum of the Ming emperor is a xenotaph, built in 1385 by the emperor, the founder of the Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang in memory of his ancestors, its territory is 351 thousand m².6 Гора Лао-Цзы

Mount Lao Tzu, located on the southern shore of Hongze Lake, is famous for its magnificent views and abundance of flora and fauna. Previously, due to its favorable location at the intersection of waterways, Lao Tzu Mountain was an important commercial and cultural center. However, then numerous wars led to a decline in the development of this area. Nevertheless, in addition to the picturesque landscapes, you can see many historical sights and monuments of different eras. 

3 Озеро Хунцзэху
4 Озеро Хунцзэху

Yamyn Huaiyang, "yamyn" is a term for the government institutions that existed in China until 1949. Yaman Huaiyang was a third-class government institution under the administration of which there were nine counties. The architecture of the complex is simple and concise, but at the same magnificent and elegant. It occupies an area of more than 12,000 m² and consists of more than 50 buildings and 600 offices. Here you can find out all information about government in the country in the ancient era.


The first acquaintance of the two cities took place during the visit of the delegation from the city of Huaian to the international exhibition EXPO-2010 in Shanghai, where there was the exposition of Magnitogorsk. This meeting was the beginning for negotiations on the conclusion of friendly relations and cooperation between cities. Already on September 1, 2011, during the first visit of the official Chinese delegation to Magnitogorsk, an agreement on friendship and cooperation between the cities was signed.

A little later, a return visit was made by a delegation from Magnitogorsk; it consisted of representatives of the city administration and entrepreneurs. The aim of visit was to participate in the China International Twin Cities Conference and to exchange experiences in various fields.

July 24, 2012, following the results of joint work for the year, in Magnitogorsk it was decided to establish twin-city relations and signed the Agreement on the establishment of twin-city relations between Magnitogorsk and Huai'an by the head of the city of Magnitogorsk E.N. Teftelev and deputy head of the National People's Congress of Huai'an, Chen Hongyu.

The main areas of cooperation of cities:

- establishment and development of trade and economic relations between cities;

-cooperation and exchange of delegations in the fields of economy and trade, science and technology, culture, education, sports, health, etc.

9 Выступление китайских артистов в Магнитогорске

Delegation of artists at the celebration of the City Day and Metallurgist Day in 2012

Cooperation with the Chinese city is fruitful and promising: business and cultural delegations were exchanged between cities. For example, in 2012, a performance of Chinese artists took place in Magnitogorsk. In addition, at the moment negotiations on the possibility of the output of one of the city's companies to the Chinese market.

In the future, artists and children's creative teams from Magnitogorsk plan to visit Huai'an City. Within their visit a number of performances will be organized for various events. This will give our artists the opportunity to gain a unique experience.

Also in the future, there will be a discussion of joint projects in the sphere of city development. In July 2013, Magnitogorsk was visited by a delegation from the twin city, it included the deputy head of the bureau for housing, communal, city and suburban development of Huai'an.