Symbols and brand

Monday, 20 November 2017 12:54


Symbols of the city


One of the Soviet emblem models is the picture of a black shield with a stone on the hand; above it there is a red star, the silhouette of factory pipes, a smoke plume. The image was taken from N.O. Mironov's book "Catalog of modern emblems of Commonwealth Cities", Minsk, 1995; (St. Petersburg City) On June 20, 1969 by the decision of the Executive Committee №275-А the emblem of Magnitogorsk with the project of Nikolai Abramov was approved: "On the background of the red shield, rectangular on top and oval under, a magnet of gray color, as if it attracts the silhouette of Magnetic Mountain, is depicted. In the center of magnet silhouette of the blast furnace, with the monument of the first tent are depicted. "According to the book of K.Mochenov and G.Tunik" Official symbols of the Chelyabinsk region and municipal institutions. "



The emblem was approved by the Small Council of the Council of People's Deputies of the city on June 17, 1993 (decision No. 176). The head of the author's group, who created the emblem, is Galina M. Logvinenko. Description of the emblem: "In the silver shield there is a black equilateral triangle, which is a symbol of Magnetic Mountain, the first tent, and also a symbol of ore." The shield has got a silver crown, it means that Magnitogorsk is a city of regional subordination. Behind the shield there is hammers, decorated with a tricolor Russian ribbon, it means that the city is Russian and it provides industrial potential for the economic power of Russia. "Materials of the article by I. Smetannikov in the Herboved magazine No. 5-6:The triangle symbolized Magnetic Mountain, the first tent of settlers, and also ore. The gold hammers, crossed by a three-color Russian ribbon illustrate the fact that the city is Russian and provides the economic power of Russia with its industrial potential.



On January 29, 2003 Meeting of deputies of the city of Magnitogorsk by Resolution No. 14 approved a slightly modified version of the emblem: "In the silver field there is the black pyramid." Author's group is Galina Logvinenko (Magnitogorsk) - the idea of the emblem is hers; Constantine Mochenok (Khimki) - heraldic treatment; Galina Tunik (Moscow) - the idea of the symbolism. The emblem is in the State Heraldic Register under No. 1134. Shield can be decorated by the ribbons of the Order of Lenin and the Red Banner of Labor. According to the book by K.Mochenov and G.Tunik "Official symbols of the Chelyabinsk region and municipal formations".


4 The flag of Magnitogorsk is a rectangular silver cloth with a ratio of width to length 2: 3, in the center there is the figure of a black triangle from, which is 2/3 of the width of the picture.

Brand of the city

The concept of a new style of Magnitogorsk: This is the style of a young, dynamic, developing city. It is cities for residents, cities for many visitors, cities for investment. It is a city for work and rest, for creation and for joy. This image is open, modern, energetic and looking to the future.

A continuous pulsating line is taken as the basis of the sign. It is a symbol of creation, inseparable connection and live beat of rhythm, pulse. The line is thin, but colored. It is alive and can take many forms and shapes. It is very simple, but it has is a number of intuitively readable associations.

Associative images of the sign:
- the bridge connecting Europe and Asia
- a bridge that connects the industrial and residential, social city
- musical rhythm
- pulse of a young growing city and its inhabitants

The line  is the basic element of the whole corporate style; it is not limited only by the logo. It can take any shape, because with the help of the line it is possible to express any form and content. It easily adapts to any surface. It will be easy and convenient to work with its graphics in the future. Thus, the corporate identity is dynamic and flexible and can develop as much as you want, while it maintains unchanged recognition. By Using additional elements of corporate style, made by the company line, there is an opportunity to diversify the holders of corporate identity and give them a wider range of emotional and semantic characteristics.