Items filtered by date: Monday, 06 May 2019
Monday, 06 May 2019 09:35 Attention motorists!

In connection with the preparation and conduct of events dedicated to the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the movement of vehicles will be temporarily stopped on several road sections for three days.

In UPFR in the city of Magnitogorsk of the Chelyabinsk region (interdistrict) a single customer service has been created. From May 6, specialists will receive citizens at the address: 144, Lenin Avenue.

In one of the entrances of the apartment building on Labor Street an electronic ramp is equipped.This design is vital for climbing and descending 11-year-old Sasha from stairs.

Monday, 06 May 2019 09:31 Attention, the passenger!

On the Memorial Day of the departed, the movement of tram trains will change.

On April 8, spring sanitary cleaning began in Magnitogorsk. Schoolchildren, students, employees of municipal institutions and enterprises, representatives of public organizations and caring residents came out to take part in the clean-up days.

Monday, 06 May 2019 09:29 Peace Labor may!

A traditional May Day demonstration dedicated to the Spring and Labor Day was held in Magnitogorsk. More than 30 thousand people joined the mass march.

The event was organized by the city administration, the Magnitogorsk City Assembly of Deputies and the Primary Trade Union Organization of PJSC MMK.

Monday, 06 May 2019 09:29 Strong wind again

According to the Chelyabinsk Central State Hydrometeorological Service, wind gusts of up to 17-22 m / s are expected in the region at night and in the afternoon on May 3

Monday, 06 May 2019 09:28 It will be windy in the region

According to the Chelyabinsk TsGMS, on May 4, wind gusts of up to 15-20 m / s are expected in the region.

Monday, 06 May 2019 09:27 Weather forecasters predict heat

According to the Chelyabinsk TsGMS, from May 5 to 9, in some parts of the region, abnormally hot weather is expected with an average daily air temperature of 7º and above the climatic norm.


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