For violation answered ruble

In Magnitogorsk, a lot of work is being done to identify and eliminate car parking in inappropriate places.

According to the results of the meeting of the Leninsky district commission for unauthorized parking of cars, 45 people were brought to administrative responsibility.

The abandonment of motor vehicles on lawns, green areas, playgrounds and sports grounds, as well as their parking, which impedes the removal of municipal waste, entails the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one to five thousand rubles, the repeated administrative offense for a year entails a fine in the amount of three to five thousand rubles.

K. Akulenko parked on a lawn at 82 Karl Marx Avenue, R. Altynguzhin and V. Aniskin at 23 Leningradskaya Street, A. Andronov at 17 Pervomaiskaya Street, A. Antipin at 134/1 Vokzalnaya Street, A. Afanasyeva at Lenin Avenue, 7, O. Akhrimenko on Lenin Avenue, 67, I. Butovich on 67A Suvorov Street, A. Gareev and M. Gusev on 17/2 Lenin Avenue, A. Gladyshev and V. Disenbaeva on 34 Lomonosov St. , E. Govorova on Lenin Avenue, 52/3, E. Danchuk on Lomonosov St., 13, O. Zhuravskaya on 22 Klinkernaya Street, V. Zelensky on 3/1 Lenina Avenue, D. Karpenko and S. Kiselev on Avenue Lenin, 55/1, D. Kozlov on Pervomaiskaya street, 19, O. Kostenko at 58 Builders, E. Krivorotova at Karl Marx Avenue, 63/1, R. Kucherbaev at Lenin Avenue, 3, A. Larionov and Z Melnikova on Vokzalnaya street, 134/1, A. Limonnikov on Pervomaiskaya street, 4, R. Minyazev on Karl Marx avenue, 63, A. Murzin on 23 Leningradskaya street, A. Mukhtarov on 5 Pervomaiskaya street, A. Novikov on Lomonosov St., 15, A. Ovsyannikov, on Karl Marx Avenue, 15, B. Ogorodnikov on Lenin Avenue, 69/1, S. Pichkar, E. Sokachik and A. Chupinko on 3/1 Kalinin St., L. Posysoeva on Stroiteley St., 54/1, A. Prolomov on Oktyabrskaya St., 30, T. Selyakova on Naberezhnaya St., 4, S. Sokolov on Lenin Avenue, 52/3, Sundeeva on Pervomaiskaya St., 22/1, T. Syzko on Karl Marx avenue, 63/1, T. Trubkina on 34 Lomonosov street, S. Tugulev on 34 Oktyabrskaya street, K. Khasanov on 6 Naberezhnaya street, E. Shayakhmetova on 32 Oktyabrskaya street, D. Yudaev on Komsomolskaya street , 7.

The total amount of the fine amounted to 46,500 rubles.

Also at the meeting, 19 protocols were considered for unauthorized trade, one for dumping garbage, other consumption wastes outside specially designated places and placing announcements and other information in unidentified places.