Drivers, pay attention!

In connection with the repair work by the end of this month will be blocked several sections of the street and road network.

Until September 30, traffic is blocked in both directions along Kalinin Street in the section from Karl Marx Avenue to Lenin Avenue. From tomorrow until September 30, traffic on Nikolai Shishka Street (west side) on the section from Moskovskaya Street to Sverdlov Square will be stopped.

At the moment, traffic is also blocked:

- along Elektroseti Street on the section from Pushkin Avenue to Kurako Street - until 28 September.

- along the overpass above the railway tracks on 9 May Street at the UTK PJSC "MMK" - until the end of repair work.

Drivers are asked to plan routes of movement in the city in due time, to be attentive and to pay attention to the exposed road signs.

Improvement of quality of a street and road network - one of priority problems of development of Magnitogorsk. Annually the volume of repair work increases several times, and the city roads become one of the best in the country.