To every house

The first stage of accepting applications from telecom operators and Internet providers for subsidies from the regional budget for the construction of communication networks in small towns has been completed. Thanks to state support and the work carried out by the T2-Mobile company, better known to the South Urals under the Tele2 brand, more than 9.7 thousand residents in 10 regions of the Southern Urals for the first time gained access to the Internet and high-quality mobile communications.

According to the decision of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, Alexei Teksler, 15 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget as part of the regional project “Information Infrastructure” - a regional program for the digital development of the economy of the Chelyabinsk region with subsidies to operators and Internet providers that build communication networks in small towns.

They can apply twice a year - in May and November. The first stage of receiving documents is completed. The application for compensation from the regional budget was submitted by T2-Mobile (Tele2). The telecom operator has built communication towers in 14 settlements, where more than 9.7 thousand people live. The total amount of recoverable funds amounted to 11.9 million rubles.

We are talking about the villages of Novoyangelka (Agapovsky District), Uk (Ashinsky District), Michurinsky (Kartalinsky District), the Urals and Novopokrovsky (Kizilsky District), Gumbeysky (Nagaybaksky District), the villages of Radiomayka (Plastovsky District), Drobyshevo (Trinity District), populated the points Bulatovo, Larino and Maslovo (Uysky district), the village of Tyubelyas (Ust-Katavsky urban district) and the two villages of Zwilling and Kalinovsky (Chesmensky district). Previously, in these settlements there was 2G cellular communication, which did not allow people to access the Internet. Now, thanks to state support in the framework of the regional program and the construction of new communication towers by Tele2, more than 9.7 thousand residents received high-quality cellular communications and were able to connect to the global network at high speed for the first time.

“The provision of subsidies from the regional budget is an important measure of state support, which allows operators to build and develop communication networks in small towns, where without state participation it was economically disadvantageous due to the small number of residents and, accordingly, a long payback period. Over the 2.5 years of the program, access to the Internet was received by 41 settlements, where a total of about 25 thousand people live. The presence of the Internet in rural areas improves the quality of life of people, gives new opportunities for education, leisure, and receiving services in electronic form, ”said Igor Fetisov, Minister of Information Technologies, Communications and Digital Development of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Annually, 15 million rubles are allocated from the regional budget for subsidizing telecom operators. Compensations from the regional budget totaling 29 million rubles for two and a half years of the program were received by three mobile operators - Tele2, MTS and Megafon.

“Our company has been participating in the project from the very beginning of the program. Thanks to subsidies from the regional budget, we were able to improve the quality of communications in 34 settlements of the Southern Urals, and provided residents with high-speed mobile Internet. In those settlements where we previously built a network, we see traffic growth. This indicates the demand for communication services among residents of small settlements. We are pleased that such a project is being implemented in our region and are grateful to the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region for the effective support of the development of digitalization, ”commented Svetlana Galileeva, director of the Chelyabinsk branch of Tele2.