Успей привиться!

In the coming Saturday the citizens of Magnitogorsk will have the last chance to make free vaccination against influenza.

The medical team will wait for residents on October 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Continent shopping mall (1st floor, opposite the elevator).

A compulsory medical insurance policy and a passport must be brought with you. Before the procedure, each of them will be examined and consulted by a medical specialist.

When visiting the mall, it is necessary to comply with protection measures against viral infection: wear a mask, keep a social distance and carry hand disinfectants.

Specialists remind that the autumn period is a traditional season for the rise of ODS and influenza incidence. This year the situation is complicated by the spread of COVID-19, and there is a possibility of simultaneous infection with two infections, which can be a blow to the body and even lead to death. Influenza vaccination is one of the most effective methods of protection against the severe course of the disease.