Flower robbers

In Magnitogorsk, special attention is paid to the transformation of public places of rest. City beds are decorated with flowers. However, more and more often they become an object of sabotage.

This year, flower beds were decorated with cineraria, pelargonium, petunia (multi-colored, red, white, blue, burgundy), tagetis (yellow, orange), ampelous petunia (white, red), decorative grass (like chistets). However, this is not the first time that the experts who care for them indignantly note that unscrupulous citizens continue to dig up recently planted plants.

Note that flowerbeds in all areas of the city suffer from the hands of vandals. So, from the beginning of the planting of flowers, their loss has already been discovered in their squares. I. Kh. Romazan, Metallurgists, "Three Generations" and in the flower beds along the city embankment. The number of dug flowers varies from a few to dozens.

“Unfortunately, some unscrupulous citizens apparently do not want urban areas to be beautiful and well-groomed. We appeal to residents with a request to carefully treat other people's work, to value it, ”noted the MKU“ Capital Construction Department ”.

Restore flower beds contractor in-house. Note that currently the identity of vandals is being established.