Evaluate the novelties of the city beach

In the summer of 2020, work was carried out to improve the territory of the central city beach. Sand was brought to the beach, a rental office was set up, fountains and changing cabins were installed, and updated rescue towers were prepared.

In addition, it was decided to diversify the beach with an unusual shape. So, the idea came to create an art object in the form of a vacationer. A whole team of employees of the "Parks of Magnitogorsk" - artists, sculptors and repair workers - worked on the creation. All parts of the object are separate, each weighs about three tons. They are made of metal frame, and the top is covered with cement mortar and painted.

The innovations section was created for the residents' evaluation of the innovations implemented on the territory of Magnitogorsk. Evaluation by the citizens of the conducted works is an important component of the project. The opinion of everyone will be considered in the further work of authorities, including at acceptance of administrative decisions!

Improvement of a beach and a new art object can be estimated by reference.

The voting will last till October 9.

We remind that for participation authorization on a uniform portal of public services is necessary, thus the registration address should concern Magnitogorsk city district. It can be filled in the user's personal cabinet on the portal. After making changes, it is necessary to reauthorize. Electronic voting system "Active Citizen74". - is a new service of the regional portal of state and municipal services of the Chelyabinsk region, which allows residents to participate in the management of the city together with the administration. A unique feature of the project is that the decisions voted for by the majority of users are binding on the authorities. The project was initiated by the Chelyabinsk Region Government. Its development is carried out by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Chelyabinsk Region. The service "Active Citizen74" was created within the framework of the federal project "Digital State Management" of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation".

For the convenience of owners of smartphones and tablets, a free mobile application "Active Resident 74" has been developed and can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore.