On guard of order

An online event was held in the Legal Information Center "Krasheninnikov Library", during which they discussed the possibility of young people joining the voluntary people's squads.

Speakers online meetings were lawyer and consultant of the legal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Magnitogorsk Olesya Emelyanova and the commander of the detachment "Cossack Guard" Dmitry Belokon.

"Adult citizens of Russia can get to the national squads on a voluntary basis. Persons with criminal record, involved in extremist activities or terrorism, suffering from mental disorders, drug addiction or alcoholism are not admitted to the vigilantes," said Olesya Yemelyanova. 

Dmitry Belokon, in turn, noted that the vigilantes cooperate with all services and departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Magnitogorsk, get useful experience and necessary legal knowledge. Also, Dmitry Konstantinovich reminded the audience of the annual city contest "The best vigilante.

The first voluntary vigilantes appeared more than 60 years ago. Every year in Magnitogorsk, more and more young people become law enforcement assistants. The vigilantes participate in carrying out of mass and preventive actions, protection of a public order, maintenance of traffic safety, and also help police officers in revealing of crimes and suppression of administrative offences.