Magnitogorsk - light streets!

Specialists of JSC "Gorelektrosetset" connected a new line of lighting inside the quarterly territory, located on Oktyabrskaya Street and Lenin Avenue.

In recent years, JSC "Gorelektrosetset" has been carrying out a large amount of work to ensure uninterrupted street lighting of dark areas within the quarterly objects. Thus, a lighting line was installed for the first time in the yards and interquarterly areas located at Oktyabrskaya Street (26, 28, 28/1, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38) and Lenin Avenue (61, 61/1, 63, 63/1, 65/1, 67, 69, 69/1).

"First, the work crews drilled holes, then put 59 supports on which they mounted about two kilometers of wires, installed brackets, lighting fixtures and screwed in the lamps. Now the new lighting fixtures will be switched on and off automatically with all street lighting networks in the city," said Yuri Tokmyanin, head of the street lighting section of Gorelektroset JSC.

On the basis of appeals from residents of the city and requests from district administrations in the beginning of the year, specialists of JSC "Gorelektrosetset" made a list of problem areas where there is no outdoor lighting or requires reconstruction of the existing network. It was decided to carry out work at more than 50 sites, many of which are located within neighbourhoods. Thus, during the year, new lines were installed in the courtyards located at Oktyabrskaya, Leningradskaya, Chapaeva, Industrial, Naberezhnaya, Suvorova Streets, etc.

"We have already launched a lighting line near Herzen, Kazakova and Uralskaya Streets (block 20b). In the near future we plan to connect one more object near Herzen, Kazakov streets, Karl Marx Avenue (quarter 19b). On the left bank we turn on the lamps on Shosseinaya Street. At the stage of completion - Lyubimaya street (settlement Priuralsky), 50 anniversary of Magnitogorsk (29/1,31, 33, 33/1), Lenin Avenue, 124. By the end of the year there are about 15 plots left to complete", - summarized Yuri Gennadyevich.

JSC "Gorelektroset" operates, maintains and repairs more than 23 thousand lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting networks with a total length of about 950 kilometers. During the installation of equipment specialists use energy efficient lamps DNAT yellow glow, as well as equip the lines of outdoor lighting with automatic control cabinets - a device that allows you to monitor the inclusion and switch off the street lamps and monitor the city lighting in a remote mode.

Also, the emergency control service conducts daily revision of existing lighting lines and if necessary, repairs in the field. In case of interruptions in areas of street lighting should call on a 24-hour phone 29-30-90. You can also leave an application by e-mail or contact the Consumer Service Center of JSC "Gorelektroset".