Hot water will return to taps

MP Trust “Teplofikatsiya” reports: in the Leninsky district, pressure testing of heating networks is completed ahead of schedule. Already tomorrow, May 22, hot water will be supplied to most of the district's apartment buildings.

In total, 846 multi-apartment buildings of the Leninsky district were disconnected from hot water supply during pressure testing. From May 22, hot water will be returned to 711 houses - this is 84% of MKD.

Please note that from May 22, only 135 houses of the Leninsky district will not be connected, including in the quarters: 4v, 4g, 5v, 5b, 6a, 57, 50, 60, 94, 64, 22a, 15b, and also houses addresses: st. Suvorov, house 85, st. Gagarina, house 24 and house 28, st. Oktyabrskaya, house 7. Turning on the hot water supply in these houses will be carried out as damage is repaired.