Thursday, 12 December 2019 11:35

Getting to the next step

The rating voting on the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” starts very soon, where the townspeople will choose the territories that will be landscaped in 2020.

Yesterday, a meeting of the public commission was held, where they summed up the public discussion of design projects among citizens. Recall that over the course of a month, residents could make changes to existing projects, as well as put forward their proposals to supplement them.

“About 20 proposals were received from which seven proposals can be considered, two more can be partially accepted, and 12 were rejected due to the fact that they were described in the territories of all squares, even those that did not participate in the discussion. It is worth noting that there were interesting proposals on the Embankment - this is the organization of lighting of nearby houses and the need to remove pipes under the ground, that is, expand the space. There was also a proposal to continue the boulevard not to Truda Street, but rather, on the east side of Karl Marx Avenue, ”said the acting Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Oksana Glebova.

Already this week, December 13 and 14, residents will be able to choose one or more public areas. Citizens over 14 years old can take part in the voting. Polling stations will be located at seven points: the administration of three districts and the city administration, the “Family Park” shopping center, the “Continent” shopping center and the “Jazz Mall” shopping center. You can leave your vote from 10.00 to 20.00. To vote, you need to have a passport or other identification card with you - a pass, a driver’s license, student ID, etc. We remind you that you can vote for one or more public territories.

Design projects of the selected five public territories will be published in the local newspapers Magnitogorsk Rabochy and Magnitogorsk Metal, and a bulletin will be placed there that can be filled out, cut out, and without any registration placed in a box at the polling stations. It is worth noting that you can vote on the official website of the city administration.

“When a person participates in a rating vote, when later he passes through a transformed territory, sees how his proposal has been realized, he will be more careful about it, monitor, protect what is being created. After all, it’s not enough to create, it’s necessary to preserve, and when a person takes part in it, he becomes the owner of the territory on which he lives, ”said the speaker of the Moscow State Duma, Alexander Morozov.

The voting results will be known on December 17th.


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