Wednesday, 04 December 2019 10:10

We instill a love of sport from an early age

Magnitogorsk is a sports city, and citizens do not stop proving this not only with words, but also with deeds. On the eve of the city administration, the rewarding of the youngest athletes of Magnitogorsk took first place in passing the TRP standards.

On behalf of the Russian Minister of Sports Pavel Kolobkov, the little athletes of Magnitogorsk received the gold insignia of the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex of the TRP in a festive atmosphere.

“You are great fellows and the main sports hope of our city, because by your own example you show what all residents of our city should strive for,” said Alexander Berchenko, head of the department for physical education, sports and tourism. - To pass the All-Russian TRP standards in six years and get a golden sign for it is very honorable and worthy of great respect. The next steps will be easier for you. ”

“I, like you, passed the TRP standards and got my gold badge,” says Olga Biryuk, deputy head of the education department of the Magnitogorsk administration. “Therefore, I perfectly understand your excitement and impatience to receive your well-deserved rewards.”

Note that there are four venues in Magnitogorsk where you can pass the TRP standards: at the Rovesnik stadium, in the Ecopark, at the Children's Sports School No. 3, and at the Metallurg-Magnitogorsk sports complex.

Sports in the city of metallurgists are developing at a fast pace and are making progress, and the proof is the volleyball team entering League A, veterans from the regional sports and athletics also brought gold, and one of the largest events of the year was the Asia Europe half-marathon. In addition, the charity project “Kilometers of Good” was created - the only one in Russia that combines sport and charity.

Thanks to the initiative of Sergey Berdnikov, yard sports began to develop actively. So, this year at the stadium in the village of Cementnikov a modern football field with a rubber coating appeared. The project was funded by the Presidential Grants Fund. With the support of the city administration, a land plot was allocated for the construction of the facility, lighting was installed, and the territory adjacent to the field was put in order.


















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