Tuesday, 03 December 2019 09:28

Celebrated a significant event

In the Magnitogorsk Concert Association, a solemn event dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the MP Vodokanal Trust was held.

The mayor Sergey Berdnikov congratulated the staff on the holiday.

“Five years after the construction of the city began, a need arose for those services that are traditionally associated with Vodokanal. Today Magnitogorsk is one of the few cities in Russia whose residents have the opportunity to drink such delicious water. All this is not just like that - it is the preservation of wells and their competent use, as well as water, it is necessary not only to get it, but also to bring it to every inhabitant, ”said Sergey Nikolaevich. - I would like to express my gratitude to your team. You are engaged in activities that people value. ”

The words of gratitude to the employees of the enterprise were also expressed by the chairman of the Magnitogorsk Assembly of Deputies Alexander Morozov. He also noted the merit of the MP Vodokanal Trust in the high quality of water in the city.

The first persons of the city presented certificates of appreciation and letters of thanks to the employees of the enterprise. Another gift for the anniversaries was a concert.







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