Tuesday, 03 December 2019 09:26

Dressing up a Christmas tree in a festive dress

Preparations for the new year are in full swing. On the square of public festivities, the installation of the main city Christmas tree continues.

Green beauty plan to collect until the fifth of December. Employees of MBU "DSU" are working on the installation.

“This tree has been mounted for the fourth year, its height is 23 meters plus a star,” said the acting head of the Right-Bank District, Semyon Generalov.

In total, six fir trees will be installed in the city - two in each district. All artificial.

“It’s a pity to cut healthy large trees, there are also difficulties with the organization of cutting, transportation and coordination of this issue,” Semyon Mikhailovich shared.

Spruce in the central square is the highest. A little less spruce in the conservatory square - 17 meters, in the rest of the city, coniferous beauties are not higher than 15 meters.

In the near future, the construction of ice towns will begin. The main square of the city will be decorated with characters from Russian folk tales.

“This year, three large slides and several small slides will be installed on the central square, an ice rink will be filled inevitably, a stage for events will also be mounted,” Semyon Mikhailovich noted.

Light trees will also be installed, which have already been appreciated in the last New Year's campaign. In addition to the already beloved light ball, two more light figures will be mounted, which still remain a mystery.

The opening of the central city Christmas tree will be held on December 27 at 18.00.



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