Monday, 02 December 2019 10:10

Responsibly and in good faith

A month and a half ago, on October 14, the Chelyabinsk region switched from analogue to digital broadcasting. DTV equipment was connected by 256 volunteers.

Nearly 2,500 single pensioners from Magnitogorsk received assistance in setting up digital television. The city began to prepare for the connection of the DTV in the autumn of last year, so that everyone could get the necessary help and reconfigure their equipment.

The peak in the number of applications per volunteer was in October, when digital broadcasting was turned off. For the current month, 203 applications were received. Residents also call to thank the "digital wizards." Warm words of gratitude were expressed by about 130 people.

Today at the hardware meeting the most active volunteers were awarded.

“We organized people who helped for free,” said Sergey Berdnikov. - Believe me, no one paid them. They simply responded to every request of people, came in their free time from work and study, and helped people set up a TV, connect a set-top box, and solve all the questions that arose. Serious work was done, people worked for conscience. ”

The diploma of the head of the city was awarded to Alexei Ermakov - 1st year student of MSTU. G.I. Nosov, who was recognized as the best volunteer for setting up digital television. Over eight months of work, he completed the largest number of calls to volunteer in the region - 237.

A letter of thanks from the head of the city was awarded to Nazarov Carolina Michelle, a 4th year student at MSTU. G.I. Nosova, who has been a digital volunteer for more than a year, is the longest term of participation in the work on setting up DTV. Carolina attracted more than 30 new volunteers to the project, and also provides advice on setting up equipment by telephone, remotely closing 67 applications for setting up television with a subscriber by telephone. Coordinates and agrees the trips of volunteers. I personally completed 78 applications and set up equipment for veterans.

Also, a letter of thanks from the head of the city was received by Diana Fanisovna Khubitdinova, a student at the P.F. Magnitogorsk Medical College Nadezhdin. " For the period of work - 8 months received 18 positive reviews, worked out 77 applications. During the peak load period, she made the largest number of visits to set up equipment for receiving DTV. Conducted 4 training on setting up equipment for volunteers.

Separate words of gratitude deserve the heads of secondary specialized educational institutions and institutions of higher education: the rector of the Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G. I. Nosov - Chukin Mikhail Vitalievich, acting Director of the Polytechnic College - Anton Anatolyevich Lyndin, director of the Magnitogorsk Pedagogical College - Olga Leushkanova, director of the Magnitogorsk Technological College named after V.P. Omelchenko "- Pundikova Olga Alekseevna, as well as the director of the" Magnitogorsk Construction and Installation College "- Elena Malykhina.