Monday, 02 December 2019 10:09

Magnitogorsk will host All-Russian competitions

Tomorrow in Magnitogorsk will be held the traditional XII All-Russian Taekwondo Tournament "Brother", dedicated to the memory of soldiers who fell in hot spots. In 2019, the organizers expect more than 1000 athletes from all over Russia.

“Our All-Russian tournament is of great importance in the Ural region,” notes Dmitry Lem, Taekwondo coach of the secondary school No. 6 in Magnitogorsk, executive director of the Olympic Taekwondo Federation of Magnitogorsk. - We place a great emphasis on the panel of judges: at the head is a judge of the international and all-Russian categories. Also, on each court there is a judge of both the international and national categories. ”

Especially for all participants, 6 courts will be installed on the site of the sports facility, where taekwondo players will play more than 2 hundred sets of awards in the age groups of juniors and juniors, boys and girls, boys and girls. At the same time, the Taekwondo Festival will be held for the youngest children in the age category of children.

In addition, in 2019, the All-Russian tournament will include a personal championship in kerugi (duels) and the technical complex phums, the results of the competitions will be summarized in both individual and team events.

“From the administration of the I.Kh. Sports Palace Romazan, on the part of the Sports Department, all the rules for these events have been met, ”said Alexander Berchenko, head of the department for physical education, sports and tourism. - The ambulance team will be on duty at the competitions. And all participants are approved by the credentials committee. During the competition, we will not only be able to assign various sports titles to the participants, but we will also work on the upbringing of patriotism. ”

The grand opening of the competition will be held at the I.Kh. Sports Palace Romazana on November 30 at 5 p.m.

The opening of the competition is always accompanied by vivid demonstration performances from special forces and riot police, as well as performances in taekwondo style from the demonstration team of the Chelyabinsk region.

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