Monday, 02 December 2019 10:08

Winners of the contest “The most comfortable organization of the city of Magnitogorsk”

Today in the administration of Magnitogorsk, the award organizations were awarded, which won prizes.

The competition is held by the Department of Capital Construction and Improvement for the 12th time. A total of 15 organizations of the city took part, which were to submit materials for the consideration of the competition committee in the form of albums, illustrating the approach of the management and the team of companies to issues of improvement. Among the participants, prizes were distributed in 3 groups.

The attention of the tender committee was paid to the technical condition of the building facades, the materials with which they are lined, and the appearance of the territory as a whole. Great importance in the improvement of the organization is given to landscaping, the creation of new flower beds and lawns, the preservation of existing ones. In addition, the commission drew attention to the availability and maintenance of places for recreation for employees.

This time, organizations again showed new techniques in decorating their territories and maintaining existing architectural forms in good condition.

The competitive commission examined the sanitary condition of the territories of organizations for the presence of a sufficient number of ballot boxes and garbage containers, the condition of fences and fences. Many enterprises use automatic irrigation systems, as well as carry out sanitary cleaning with the help of involved organizations.

Part of the territories of enterprises is reserved for parking lots. Road longitudinal and horizontal markings are applied, as well as markings for parking spaces of vehicles.

It is noted that more and more enterprises began to install bicycle parking lots.

Among the participants, prizes were distributed in 3 groups. According to the results of the competition, the first place in the group of companies of the MMK PJSC group of companies was awarded to PJSC Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, the second to the metallurgical equipment repair shop No. 3 of LLC MRK and LLC Avtotransportnoe upravlenie, the third place to LLC Ogneupor and LLC Magnitogorsk Cement-Refractory Plant.

In the group “Municipal Organizations”, the first place was awarded to the MP Teplofikatsiya Trust, the second to Gorelektroset JSC, and the third to the Magnitogorsk City Transport MP.

In the Industrial, Diversified and Other Organizations group, Ural Car Repair Company JSC was awarded the first place, Prokatmontazh JSC was the second, and Magnitogorsk Energy Company LLC and Credit Ural Bank JSC took the third place, which took part for the first time in competition.

The representative of Credit Ural Bank JSC thanked the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov for the transformation of Magnitogorsk and for the work that is being done regarding its improvement. The mayor, in turn, emphasized that being a beautiful part of the city is healthy and right.

“I am glad that we find the right and necessary words for all organizations, and in order for the surrounding area to begin to transform along with the whole city, it’s enough to just talk with people,” says Sergey Nikolaevich. - Now our city is rapidly and radically changing for the better. It is very important for us that the inhabitants of Magnitogorsk highly appreciate the state of the surrounding urban area. Also, a positive assessment of city guests is important to us, after which we can safely talk about population growth. And for this we need to create a city in which it will be pleasant for everyone. It is not difficult for any organizations. Today we are on the right track and our main task is to preserve what we have already created and continue to work in new directions. ”

Also, Sergey Berdnikov turned to all areas of business, organizations and residents of the city with a request to transform and decorate Magnitogorsk for the New Year holidays. City Hall is ready to respond to any initiative and provide assistance.

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