Monday, 02 December 2019 10:04

Presentation number five

Consideration of design projects in the framework of the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” is in full swing. The authors of the two concepts for the continuation of the boulevard, located on Karl Marx Avenue from Zavenyagin Street to Boris Ruchev Street, talked about their projects.

The authors of the first concept are third-year students of the Institute of Construction, Architecture and Art Tatyana Shishlyannikova and Polina Drozdova. The main theme - "Sights of the city of Magnitogorsk."

There are often guests in our city and not everyone has the opportunity to see all the iconic places of Magnitogorsk, which is why the authors of the project decided to collect them in one of the most beautiful places - on the new Magnitogorsk Lights boulevard. According to the idea, you can place the Chimes and the “First Tent” in the amount of human growth, and nearby, on a tile (under your feet) or a special plate, the coordinates of the location of this monument, a small copy of which is located on the boulevard, will be indicated. Attractions can be chosen by residents, the authors are ready to consider all the ideas.

“Our project also provides for the presence of children's zones, they are interactive smart platforms - LED backlighting, classics (when you jump, there are light numbers), a bench with a slate board where you can write wishes, the lighting will be the same as on the implemented boulevard. We plan to set up ballot boxes and do bike parking, ”the girls told about their idea.

Students were inspired to create a project by the desire to improve the city and make it beautiful. For such a voluminous work, teachers promised them to put five.

The second concept was also developed by a fourth-year student of the Institute of Construction, Architecture and Art Tatyana Satosova. The theme of the project is “Family”.

“The family is central to every person and can unite all the inhabitants of the city. These are art objects, new benches with flowerbeds and benches with wheels - everyone can sit down as he sees fit, ”says Tatyana. The arched passage “Hands” (mom, dad and their children) will be highlighted with LED ribbons. ”

The project also involves the illumination of all art objects, sculptures, a sufficient number of lamps will be installed to make it comfortable to be on the boulevard at any time of the day.

“We can say that everything will depend on people if they vote. More than 3,000 residents voted for the last project, which allowed us to start implementing the project, ”Vladimir Ushakov, head of the Ordzhonikidze district, recalled.“ I really hope that our project will take its rightful place in the rating vote, which will allow us to start its implementation, all the prerequisites for this there is. This is an open project, everyone can offer their ideas, we have time to take them into account. ”

We remind you that now there is a citywide discussion on the reconstruction of the designated five territories, which will last until December 9. Any resident can contribute - offer something new or somehow modify the project. You can bring your suggestions or send them in writing to the architecture department: 455044, Magnitogorsk, 72 Lenin Avenue, office 269, or by e-mail: ,

Voting will take place on December 13 and 14 from 10.00 to 20.00 in the city administration, administrations of the Leninsky, Right-Bank and Ordzhonikidze districts, as well as in the shopping centers "Jazz Mall", "Continent" and "Family Park".

For voting, special ballots have been developed where it will be possible to mark one or more territories, which, according to residents, should be updated. Also, for the convenience of voting, an online platform will work, where you can leave your vote.

Depending on how many votes one or another site gains, a rating will be compiled. The territories most popular with the townspeople will be landscaped. The results will be announced on December 17th.












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