Tuesday, 05 November 2019 13:58

Cruelty is unacceptable!

On November 1, the city commission on minors' affairs and the protection of their rights launched an interdepartmental action "Protection".

Within a month, representatives of all services and departments of the system for the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency will work out a mechanism for interagency cooperation to prevent violence and cruel treatment of minors. The services will focus on the features of individual preventive work with families and children in socially dangerous situations, as well as schoolchildren who have not started training or regularly missed classes.

Operational and preventive measures include checking the places of concentration of young people and retail outlets for the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors.

The city administration will hold a press conference on November 13, 2019 for Magnitogorsk journalists “Save the child’s life!” The main theme is measures to prevent emergencies with minors, ”which will take place. And on November 20, 2019, a set of representative events is planned within the framework of the All-Russian Day of Legal Assistance to Children: meetings of pupils of orphanages, students of schools and secondary special institutions with lawyers, inspectors of juvenile police units and other specialties.

On November 21, 2019, the Bastion Anti-Terrorism Forum will be held on the basis of Magnitogorsk State Technical University, in which schoolchildren, college and university students, as well as teachers of the Chelyabinsk region will take part.

The results of the “Protection” campaign will be announced in early December.


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