Wednesday, 30 October 2019 10:13

A beautiful city is our common goal

The city administration awarded the winners of the Clean City contest with the participation of the head of the city, Sergey Berdnikov.

Forty-eight participants won prizes. A complete list is available in the app .

This year the competition is held for the seventh time with the aim of enhancing the activities and development of the initiative of the city residents to restore sanitary order, planting green spaces and maintain maintaining the improvement of the city. Its organization and conduct procedure is annually determined by the Administration Decree.

There are six nominations in 2019:

  • "The most comfortable yard."
  • "The most beautiful flower bed, flower garden"
  • “Our friendly family: city, dad, mom, me!”
  • "Green yard"
  • “Our janitor is the best”
  • "Honorary participant of the competition."

The competition is held in two stages. At the first, winners were selected in the city districts. The results of the work of the commissions were considered by the city competitive commission, and by their results the winners were determined among the organization, residents of the city, as well as territorial self-government committees.

Winners among citizens will be awarded cash prizes. In addition, banners with their photos will appear on the central streets of the city.

Head of the city Sergey Berdnikov addressed the audience.

“We regularly hold this competition to make our hometown better. I am happy that there are such caring people like you who participate not in order to take first place or receive a prize, but in order to make each courtyard special, ”commented Sergey Berdnikov. - Today Magnitogorsk is changing, among other things, thanks to its residents. Our task is to make it difficult to single out the best of the best among all participants. I would also like to turn to management companies so that everyone gets involved in the city’s beautification work. ”

“In developing gardening, I would like to say a few words about such a project as the Green City, initiated this year by the head of the region Alexei Teksler,” said Marina Zinurova, head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Ecological Control, “The project is aimed at uniting the efforts of authorities , business, public organizations, volunteers and all concerned residents on landscaping and landscaping of the Chelyabinsk region. "

The initiative and activities carried out by the organizations of Magnitogorsk - participants of the Clean City 2019 contest were also noted at the regional level in the framework of this project.

“In conclusion, I would like, on behalf of the Environmental Protection Department, to thank the winners of the competition for their indifference and active position in the field of improvement, as well as invite everyone to take part in the Clean City contest in 2020,” said Marina Zinurova.







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