Wednesday, 30 October 2019 10:13

Coming "Night of the Arts"

Voting took place on the Active Resident 74 portal, during which Magnitogorsk residents chose the topic of the upcoming event.

"Night of the Arts" is an annual all-Russian cultural and educational action. The main idea of ​​the project is to enable anyone who wants to visit museums, theaters, libraries for free, join the huge cultural space of Russia, learn something new and interesting.

The Magnitogorsk Picture Gallery, as part of an action dedicated to the celebration of National Unity Day (tentative date of November 3, 2019), invites residents and visitors to attend events prepared by the gallery’s specialists.

As a result of the vote, 56.28% of respondents know about the annual “Night of Arts" campaign, while 43.72% do not. Of all the voters, 77.13% of the participants would be interested to take part in this action.

54.62% of those who answered would attend the lecture “Magnitogorsk in painting and graphics” is a story about the works of Magnitogorsk artists depicting the city), 45.38% would go to the lecture “Monuments of Magnitogorsk” - a story about the monumental and landscape gardening objects of the city.


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