Wednesday, 30 October 2019 10:10

Welcome to the boulevard!

Beautification of a new pedestrian zone along Karl Marx Avenue from Zavenyagin Street to Boris Rucheev Street was completed. The day before, the mayor Sergei Berdnikov praised the quality of work.

“I just looked and I liked everything. You see how our city is changing for the better, and I'm glad that we have another beautiful area for relaxation. This boulevard is especially beautiful in the evening, the mayor admits. “And people come here just to take a walk or spend time with the kids.” Today we will not say that this is the end result at this facility. If residents express an idea, then we will make every effort to implement it. Today we are implementing exactly what our residents need. ”

Recall that this territory for improvement was chosen by residents of Magnitogorsk during the rating vote in March. The project was implemented as part of the federal program “Comfortable urban environment”. Work began in mid-July.

The total length of the boulevard is about 900 meters, the area of ​​tiling with tiles is about 6.5 thousand square meters, 700 square meters of the territory at the base of small architectural forms are paved with granite paving stones. The highlight of the boulevard was benches with interior lighting, swings, as well as interesting art objects in the form of capital letters: LOVE, LIVE, CREATIVITY, DREAM. New illumination appeared along the boulevard, small architectural forms also received their highlight.

The final touch in the transformation of the pedestrian zone was landscaping. 3,500 shrubs in the form of hedges are planted on this territory - this is red derain. At the very beginning of the boulevard, the bushes of the barberry of Thunberg and the snowman are planted in the form of group plantings near recreation areas. The latter blooms in late summer, and in autumn beautiful white berries appear on the bushes, which serve as an excellent decorative element.

Moreover, in the landscaped area, specialists planted 26 maples, more than two meters high and five and six years old.

The results of proposals for improvement of territories in 2020 have not yet been announced. One of the options that Magnitogorsk offers is the extension of a new boulevard. The head of the city noted that he would gladly support such an idea.

“I myself did not expect it to turn out so well. And as a resident of the city, I am extremely pleased with the final result, ”Sergey Nikolaevich admits. - Therefore, if citizens choose the extension of the pedestrian zone, then I will support. But the choice remains with the residents. As they say, we will do so. ”

Note that on the official page of the administration of Magnitogorsk in the social network "Vkontakte" the collection of proposals on the name of the new pedestrian zone is open.















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