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Taking care of our smaller brothers

On October 4, the exhibition "All the Creations of Nature: Amazing and Beautiful" opened, which is timed to coincide with World Animal Protection Day.

The exposition of graphics and paintings will be presented in the Magnitogorsk Picture Gallery until October 25.

“The exhibition is being held for the third time. Both professionals and amateurs take part, there are no age restrictions either, ”says Yevgenia Alevskaya, Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Ecological Control. “With the help of this exposition, we want to attract the attention of the younger generation to the fact that we need to be responsible for everything living.”

“The number of works does not decrease, the topic remains in demand,” says Anna Rozhkova, chairman of the board of the public movement “Zomagnitka.Ekomagnika”. - We all have our own special relation to the animal world. The peculiarity of the exhibition is in its nationality. It was initiated by the townspeople who united in the Social Movement “ZooMagnitka.EkoMagnitka”

Judges chose the winners - these are three members of the Union of Artists of Russia: Nikolai Isaev, Mikhail Ivanov, Marina Abramova.

The prize fund was organized by three non-equitable residents of Magnitogorsk: the veterinarian of the Biovet clinic Elena Zelenova, the veterinarian of the veterinary center at 17/1 Stalevarov St., Natalya Fedorova and the exhibition organizer Anna Rozhkova. Prizes in different age categories were taken by 23 pupils of art schools, institutions of aesthetic education, and studios.

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