Wednesday, 09 October 2019 09:39

The ecological state of the lakes of the Chelyabinsk region

The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexey Texler held a meeting on the environmental status of the lakes of the South Urals.

Chelyabinsk region is one of the subjects of the federation where environmental issues are most relevant. Particular attention is paid to lakes Kisegach and Turgoyak. For decades, these lakes have been used for economic purposes, while maintaining the uncertainty of simultaneously combining the status of resort areas and specially protected natural areas. It is worth noting that the lakes are part of the lands of the Ministry of Defense, which creates a contradiction between the development issues and the conservation of natural objects.

It's no secret that the Chelyabinsk region has unique natural resources. This feature dictates the need for the development of inbound tourism and attracting investors.

Since over time, most of the competencies of recreation centers on the lakes of the Chelyabinsk region turned out to be lost, the governor identified priority tasks for solving existing legal and environmental problems.

When solving urgent issues, it is important to preserve the untouched territory of the Kisegach and Turgoyak natural complexes for the future generation. The territories involved in recreational and tourist activities should be brought into a civilized state for a comfortable stay.

For greater effectiveness, it is necessary to come to a systematic solution to large-scale problems. On the basis of the adopted city-planning documents, the development of territories provided by communications and treatment facilities should take place.

In order to responsibly address the issue of improving the environmental situation, it is important to understand the appropriateness of giving a new conservation status to specially protected natural areas. Obtaining a regional conservation status will make it possible to understand exactly where development is going, where risks and threats to nature are eliminated, and most importantly, how development costs are offset by environmental damage mitigation mechanisms.

Now the territory of the lakes has become a zone of mass housing development, and this should not be allowed. It is important for the region to create conditions for the restoration of health and recreational facilities. To achieve a clear development strategy, coordinated actions of regional and federal authorities, as well as interested parties, are required.


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