Wednesday, 09 October 2019 09:38

Make your leisure safe

Despite the fact that the swimming season is over, the work of the Magnitogorsk Inspectorate aimed at preventing accidents and incidents at water bodies continues.

  • The danger is for fishing enthusiasts. In autumn, the water temperature is 7-8 degrees, and if the boat rolls over, the fisherman will be in cold water, which will hamper movement, and wet clothes will pull him to the bottom. It can be quite difficult to save or save in such a situation. Often, fishermen themselves neglect safety rules.

    Employees of the Magnitogorsk branch of the GIMS regularly conduct preventive trips not only on the Ural River, but also on bodies of water in nearby municipal areas, namely: Agapovsky, Bredinsky, Verkhneuralsky, Kizilsky and Nagaybaksky.

    “A situation is very common when a man with a fishing rod sits in a rubber boat without a life jacket. In this case, a comment is made and a safety note on the pond is presented, ”said Natalia Popovichchenko, the head of the Magnitogorsk branch of the GIMS.

    The following safety rules must be observed:

    • Do not go out into the pond without individual means of rescue - you must always be in a life jacket on any boat;
    • Do not go out into the pond in windy weather;
    • Do not go into the water while intoxicated;
    • Do not go out on a faulty boat or boat;
    • When fishing from inflatable boats, do not go into “locked” places, as hitting the sharp edge of the snorkeling can lead to a puncture.




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