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Let drivers and children be friends on the planet!

In Magnitogorsk, a competition of drawings on asphalt “A pedestrian - a green street!” Was held, organized by the Municipal Budgetary Administration “Right-Bank Center for Further Education of Children”, the State Traffic Inspectorate of the city and the National Insurance Group Rosenergo.

During the academic year, the education department of the city administration, together with the State traffic inspectorate, conducts a series of preventive contests and actions aimed at developing students' skills in safe movement on streets and roads.

The training is carried out by correctional institutions for children with disabilities for their adaptation and socialization, as well as the education of a conscious attitude to compliance with traffic rules.

The competition was attended by schoolchildren aged 7 to 12 years, who made drawings on the pavement on the interaction of pedestrians and drivers.

The children from boarding school No. 4 called their work “Let drivers and children be friends on the planet!”, Depicting the friendship of traffic lights and pedestrians. Pupils of the family boarding school made an appeal to the drivers: “Driver, look carefully ahead, there is a pedestrian on the zebra!” So that there is no trouble, please let him in! ” Pupils of school No. 17 drew the consequences of an accident when a boy ran across a prohibition signal.

The jury separately noted the work of school number 24, which chose as their theme the use of retroreflective elements on clothing. The director of the insurance company handed gifts to the winners and winners of the contest in the form of retro-reflective trinkets and pendants that will make children noticeable in the dark for drivers.

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