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Creativity in retrospect

September 27 at 17:00 in the Magnitogorsk Picture Gallery opens an exhibition of paintings and drawings by a member of the Union of Artists of Russia O.S. Bazyleva "Chronos".

Oleg Stepanovich is a well-known author of Magnitogorsk, a representative of the older generation of city artists, this exhibition is the tenth personal in Bazylev’s work. He works in the technique of painting, applied and easel graphics, giving preference to monotechnics.

In addition, Oleg Stepanovich is a scientist, candidate of pedagogical sciences, author of more than 80 scientific publications, monographs and methodological complexes, nine literary collections. He is an athlete, USSR master of sports in mountaineering. She combines creative activities with public, being the chairman of the revision committee of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, she is engaged in educational work.

The exposition is retrospective in nature and is divided into four creative periods: students (from 1967 to 1972), Sibay (from 1972 to 1982), Tajikistan (from 1982 to 1989), Magnitogorsk (from 1989 to the present). The exhibition features more than sixty works, differing in genres, style and artistic language.

The exhibition will run from September 27 to October 26. The curator is Irina Sergeevna Tereshchenko, a researcher at the Higher Professional Education.

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