Tuesday, 24 September 2019 10:05

The results of the vote

551 people, or 50.23 percent of the total number of people who took part in the poll, voted for the traditional lawn, while 464 residents or 42.3 percent propose to tile the tiles, and only 7.47 percent or 82 Magnitogorsk residents think that this question should be answered farmed out to specialists.

It has long been known that in approaches to city improvement there is no unequivocal opinion among those for whom this work is being carried out. Initially, the purpose of the survey was to find out the attitude of residents towards the paving of the central streets of the city, in particular, it was about Lenin Avenue. The arguments of the parties are understandable, each has its own motive to support one or another point of view. Moreover, each of us has the opportunity to see and evaluate which point of view to adhere to.

In recent years, the city administration has been actively engaged in putting things in order not only on the roads, directly, on the carriageway, but has approached this issue comprehensively. The focus is on the state of sidewalks and lawns. Following the example of many European megacities, the capital cities of Russia, a small area on Karl Marx Avenue was landscaped. Instead of a lawn, tile-paved areas appeared. They were already appreciated by motorists, because there were additional parking spaces. Advocates for the natural beauty of green lawns did not stand aside from the argument. They see the paving harmful and inappropriate in a modern city. And then the Solomon’s decision was made - to conduct a vote on the Active Resident portal, to enable the townspeople themselves to decide what the improvement of the central streets would be like. All who are worried about the fate of the lawns, who advocate tiling with tiles, all who have not decided and did not take sides, were able to openly express their point of view until September 20.

Information about the vote was disseminated as much as possible, all the city’s mass media told about it to their readers, listeners and viewers. It was only for the residents. Depends on their activity, how true and fair a decision will be made. Unfortunately, the townspeople truly ill with this topic were few. 1097 people expressed their opinion, which is 0.26 percent of the total number of citizens. Now it’s too late to talk about whether the vote was representative. The position of the city leadership was unequivocal: the mayor's office will support the majority.


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