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“Attention - children!”

As part of the second stage of the “Attention - children!” Preventive measure, the traffic police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Magnitogorsk, together with representatives of the public organization “Parent Road Patrol” and the Volunteer People’s Team LLC “Avtotransportnoe upravlenie” PJSC MMK, carried out a preventive measure aimed at preventing violations rules for transporting children in a car.

During the raid, not only vehicles were checked, but explanatory conversations were conducted with the drivers. Inspections revealed twenty-one violations of the rules for transporting children, drivers were held administratively liable for an administrative offense and paid a fine of three thousand rubles.

We remind you that this year on the territory of the city of Magnitogorsk there were ten traffic accidents involving children passengers, in which fifteen children aged one and a half to fourteen were injured. Among the reasons: going to the side of the road, intended for oncoming traffic, incorrect choice of speed and loss of control of the car, travel to a prohibitory traffic signal, non-observance of the rules for changing lanes and the order of passage of intersections.

In the Russian Federation, transporting children without car seats is prohibited. According to the results of crash tests, restraints reduce the risk of death and injuries by four times. According to the doctors of the Institute for Pediatric Emergency Surgery and Traumatology, unfastened children receive serious injuries in an accident, 25% become disabled, and 6% die.

Most often, children who were not fixed by seatbelts at the time of the accident received closed head injuries, concussions, open leg fractures, bone fractures, blunt abdominal injuries and others. Children who were transferred in accordance with the rules did not receive any injuries or injuries that did not cause serious health consequences: neck bruise, shoulder abrasions, collarbone bruise, lower leg bruise.

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