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Convenient ways to pay for hot meals in schools

Organization of proper nutrition at school is the most important factor for maintaining the health and high intellectual activity of the child. There are several ways to pay for hot meals on time and without hassle.

    • Using the service “Online Payments and Transfers” on the website of Credit Ural Bank

    The service “Online Payments and Transfers” is available for cardholders of any bank. In order to make a payment, you need to select the menu item “Payments” → “School card” → “Hot meals” / “Buffet meals”;

    • With the help of payment terminals Credit Ural Bank

    Payment of school meals in payment terminals is possible both through Credit Ural Bank cards and through cards of any other bank. To pay, you need to select the menu items "Schools / kindergartens / additional education" → "School meals" → "Hot meals";

    • With the help of ATMs Credit Ural Bank

    In the ATM network for paying for school meals, you can use not only Credit Ural Bank accounts and cards, but also cards of any other banks or cash (in ATMs with the function of accepting cash). To date, the Credit Ural Bank ATM network in Magnitogorsk comprises 160 devices.

    In order to make a payment through an ATM, you need to select the menu items “Payments, transfers” → “Free payments” → “School card” → “Hot meals”;

    KUB-Direct and KUB-Mobile 2.0 services are available for Credit Ural Bank cardholders - users of the Internet banking system. To pay, select the menu item “Payments” → “Make a payment” → “School card” → “Recipient of payment of JSC Gortorg (C) Hot meals”.

    This is the most convenient payment method for Credit Ural Bank customers - regular payments can be saved in the form of templates and then make transactions in a few seconds. All information about payments is stored in the "Payment History" menu - it can be viewed or printed at any time.

    Detailed information is available on the website of KUB Bank (JSC) , in all branches of the Bank and by the round-the-clock telephone of the Contact Center: +7 (3519) 248 933, 544 544.

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