Tuesday, 17 September 2019 15:05

Equestrian sport in Magnitogorsk

In the village of Zapadniy-1, an equestrian park "Clover" is spread on 30 thousand square meters. The very preparation and search for investors began in 2016, and the construction took only a year.

You can come to the equestrian park without physical preparation, but the first lessons will be focused on establishing contact with the horse, trainers will show that even an absolute layman can contact the horse, this is not scary and not dangerous. But in order to engage and develop as an athlete, in addition to riding training, you need at least a minimum. physical training.

“In winter, we have an indoor playpen where the temperature is comfortable for both riders and horses. The club is in demand, many adults, men, women - without age restrictions. Here, people realize their dreams, ”says trainer Alla Nosova.

According to the trainer, good, calm, human-oriented horses are bought at the club. But if the rider dreams of a professional level, then the horse is selected, corresponding to the tasks. And priority is given to determination, activity, speed.

The priority direction for “Clover” is jumping, where competitions are held on the principle of overcoming different levels of obstacles. The head of the park said that from October 10 to 20, the nearest international class master class is planned with a coach from Latvia, therefore, everyone can participate in show jumping, eventing and riding training.

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