Monday, 09 September 2019 10:41

Chelyabinsk region votes

Today, a single voting day is taking place in the region: residents choose the governor of the Chelyabinsk region.

South Urals residents choose from five candidates: Konstantin Natsievsky, from the Communist Party party, Vitaly Pashin, from the LDPR party, Alexei Sevastyanov from the Civil Power party, Sergey Smyshlyaev from the Rodina party, and self-nominated Alexei Teksler, who is now Acting Governor.

Today, all polling stations opened on time and without violations. 118 sites opened at six and seven in the morning - this is due to the characteristics of some territories. The rest is exactly at eight in the morning local time. In total, 2296 polling stations operate in the Chelyabinsk Region today, where you can vote up to 20 hours.

The Chelyabinsk regional election commission has launched an Information Center for active information coverage of the course and preliminary results of voting in the elections of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region. Information from all territorial election commissions of the Chelyabinsk region will quickly flock to this center.

In addition, the regional election committee opened a “hot line”, which will work today until eight in the evening, the next two days - from 9 to 18 hours, a break - from 12 to 13 hours. Citizens can report violations at polling stations.

Telephone hotline of the election commission of the Chelyabinsk region: 8 (351) 727-71-06.


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