Tuesday, 03 September 2019 10:53

School time has begun

Magnitogorsk residents met the first of September at the big city festival “First-Graders of Magnitogorsk”. On the new academic year, schoolchildren were congratulated by the first persons of the city.

The first of September is a long-awaited holiday not only for first-graders, but also for their parents and teachers. In order to make this day unforgettable and significant in the life of every child, various theme sites were organized in the park by the Eternal Flame.

“Tomorrow is the first school day for first-graders and their parents,” said the head of the city, Sergey Berdnikov. - I think that just parents will worry more, but for children this is a new, interesting and enjoyable experience. Today we need to enjoy life and the fact that the child is seven years old and he goes to school. Let's enjoy the fact that children are growing up and our life is changing. Along with this, life in Magnitogorsk is getting better and more beautiful. ”

This year, local authorities, for the convenience of children, almost doubled the area of ​​the holiday territory. Despite the cloudy weather, in the park by the Eternal Flame there were many children and their parents who found employment for themselves among the whole variety of playgrounds and educational sites.

“In total, 5,800 first-graders will sit at their desks this year,” said the Chairman of the Moscow State Duma, Alexander Morozov. “I hope that all of your 11 years at school will be interesting, vibrant and eventful.”

And according to Vitaly Bakhmetev throughout Russia today, there are about two million first-graders.

“Today begins a new stage in your life,” says Vitaly Bakhmetiev, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. - I want to wish perseverance to schoolchildren, because it is very interesting to study, but you need to make a little effort. I ask parents not to pin all their hopes on the school and to educate their children. And I want to say to the teachers: you have a really difficult craft, but such a need for the whole country. ”







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