Tuesday, 03 September 2019 10:45

Magnitogorsk, everything to the concert!

The Magnitogorsk Concert Association presents a new project to its residents - the All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall in Magnitogorsk.

In a specially equipped room with the help of a large screen and professional audio equipment, city residents can literally attend concerts of world celebrities.

The concert season of the virtual hall is ready for opening. Which concert will be the first - residents decided. Voting took place on the portal "Active Resident 74".

26.46% of respondents heard about the project "All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall in Magnitogorsk";66.81% - no; 6.72% are not interested in this project.

55.58% of those who voted chose summer concerts of popular classical music as the premiere broadcast (Tchaikovsky Concert Hall); 26.98% - festival of modern jazz orchestras "Jazz summer with Eilenkrig"; 17.44% replied that they don’t care which concert the season begins in the virtual concert hall in the Magnitogorsk Concert Association.

Thank you for participating!


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