Tuesday, 03 September 2019 10:42

Environmentally friendly

In Magnitogorsk in 2020, the company Cherepovets Welding Materials Plant - URAL LLC will launch the project "Organization of production of welding wire for the market of the Ural-Siberian region", with emphasis on environmental friendliness of production.

Welding wire is the main element of common technological processes in many industries and is widely used in large engineering, machine tool and shipbuilding enterprises, in housing, in the construction of oil and gas pipelines and in many other industries, meeting the requirements for welding materials in the manufacture of installation and repair of technical devices of hazardous production facilities.

The welding wire production process is environmentally friendly. The drawing of the welding wire will be carried out in a cold manner, which implies the absence of emissions of gas combustion products into the atmosphere. Scale removal on the workpiece before drawing will be mechanical, without the use of acids, and the dust from the scale will be collected by aspiration systems in a dust removal unit and sent for processing. Industrial water used for cooling drawing machines will be used in a closed cycle, cooled in a cooling tower and does not involve discharge into wastewater.

LLC “Cherepovets Welding Materials Plant - URAL” is a subsidiary of the head Cherepovets plant, but is registered in Magnitogorsk. Currently, the company is preparing all the necessary documents for the launch of the project. Its implementation will increase the number of new jobs in the city and the population of the regional budget due to producer taxes.


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