Friday, 30 August 2019 09:31

To the modern city - modern electric transport

A package of initiatives called “Magnitogorsk - the second capital of the South Urals” is being implemented in the city with the support of the head of the region. The project provides for the development of electric vehicles. By the end of the year, the tram park in our city will be replenished with 26 new trams.

According to the director of MP Maggortrans Andrei Litvinov, the program for the acquisition and renewal of rolling stock will last for three years - until 2022. During this time, it is planned to update the entire rolling stock of the enterprise.

Of the 26 wagons that will arrive in Magnitogorsk this year, 15 will be produced by the Ust-Katavsky Car Building Plant. Eleven of them are already in the city.

“On trams of 623 models there is new traction equipment that consumes power electricity more economically,” said Andrei Mikhailovich. - Trains are characterized by a comfortable heating and ventilation system. In addition, they have more modern electrical equipment. ”

Starting in September, the company will receive ten cars produced by the Yekaterinburg plant "Horizon".Andrei Litvinov explained that the new bodies will be installed on traction trolleys of MP Maggortrans, therefore, in terms of comfort and cabin characteristics, these trains will not differ from Ust-Katavsky.However, this significantly reduces the price of cars - they cost three times less.

The head of the region is convinced of the need to solve problems with trams. At a press conference on Tuesday, Alexey Teksler emphasized that he will continue to support the development of electric transport not only in Chelyabinsk, but also in Magnitogorsk and other cities of the region.

It is worth adding that currently the MP Maggotrans fleet consists of 192 cars. By December, along with trams acquired in previous years, the company will own 45 new trams. At the same time, the route network, which modern wagons go to, will cover almost the entire city - not only the right, but also the left bank. This year alone, 14 new trains will be transferred to the left-bank depot.





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