Friday, 30 August 2019 09:18

Everything for the development of a healthy, strong and athletic generation

Today, much attention is paid to urban sports. Considerable funds are allocated from the municipal budget for the repair and reconstruction of sports facilities.

“In the Palace of Sports named after I. Kh. Romazan, the ceiling on the basement was replaced, in the children’s and youth schools No. 3 gyms are being renovated, and by the end of the year we plan to complete the repairs in the sports school No. 6,” the head of the department for physical education, sports and Tourism Alexander Berchenko. - Moreover, we equipped a rowing pier on the central bridge, completed repairs in the gymnasium of the Olympic Reserve School No. 8, and put in order the facade of the Dynamo School. A lot of work was done in the youth school No. 4 - they replaced the windows, doors and floors, installed a fence. ”

A large reconstruction affected MBU " FOK Umka", which in its operational management has several facilities - this is a swimming pool and ice rink, and this year the central stadium was also transferred to the institution.

“In the“ Rovesnik ”pool, we painted the walls, made repairs to the men's locker room, and now we’re finishing the women's one,” explained Konstantin Tarasov, director of MBO FOK Umka. - In parallel, we repair showers - we change the floor, tile, ceilings and plumbing. We plan to finish the work for the new school year. ”

Figure skating and hockey skates were purchased for the sports and fitness complex rink, the ice picker was updated and the roof roof was repaired. Plans to update the locker room.

Also in the institution the judo hall is completely renovated, in which pupils of various sections of martial arts are engaged.

“There has not been a major overhaul since the opening, ” said Alexander Dolgopolov, deputy director of MBO FOK Umka. “This year we made repairs to the hall, shower room and equipped a dressing room for girls, which was not there before.”

Repair is underway at the central stadium: exits for football players from under the stands are being equipped, the sound equipment and the video surveillance system are changing.

In addition to repairs, it is planned to purchase tatami, motorcycles for motocross and simulators.







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