Monday, 26 August 2019 15:27

Road revolution

In Magnitogorsk, it is planned to build a multi-level interchange, which will avoid traffic jams, which will also have a beneficial effect on the ecological state of the city.

This project was included in the package of initiatives that will be implemented in the framework of the program “Magnitogorsk - the second capital of the South Urals”. Currently, the main traffic flow from both the left bank and the right bank of the city goes through the Cossack crossing and falls at the intersection of Lenin Street and Zavenyagin Street. In this regard, the possibility of designing and subsequent construction of a multi-level interchange, which will eliminate traffic lights and ensure continuous distribution of vehicle flows in this section, is being considered.

“Its construction is considered as the primary solution to the problem of traffic congestion at the intersection. In addition, this will help solve the environmental problem, since the absence of traffic jams helps to reduce atmospheric air pollution, ”commented Kirill Stavitsky, head of the transport and communications department.

Today, roads in Magnitogorsk are one of the best in Russia, since their condition is given great attention.Bringing roads in line with world standards is one of the main areas that is under the special control of Alexei Teksler.

“We allocate financing to the city for the maintenance of roads in the amount of about 850 million rubles a year,” said Alexey Teksler. - Inside this amount there will be about one hundred million for current repairs, plus a decision has been made to allocate an additional 150 million rubles for repairs. Thus, the total amount of funds that will be allocated to roads is about a billion rubles. Magnitogorsk has never been allocated such funds. ”



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