Monday, 26 August 2019 15:20

With your beloved team in grief and joy

In the park near the Eternal Flame, on the eve of the KHL championship, a big festival "Brothers in Fire" was held. The celebration was attended by the first persons of the city. Within the framework of the event, an updated composition of the Metallurg hockey club was presented.

The head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov made a welcoming speech.

“Last year, at the opening of the season, we had no doubt that we would be the best, but it did not work out,” said Sergey Nikolaevich. - In the summer, the club did work on mistakes, and I am sure that this year the team will not let us down. Now all hope for you and me - it is very important to support our guys, not only when we win, but also when not everything succeeds. ”

Then the floor was taken by the vice president of HC Metallurg Gennady Velichkin.

“We finally waited for the start of the new season, which we have high hopes for and which should reveal the real champions. I think that the team, coaching and administrative staff will do everything possible to please their fans, ”said Gennady Ivanovich.

Vitaly Bakhmetyev, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, made good wishes to the team, and the chairman of the Moscow State Duma Alexander Morozov handed a letter of thanks to Anton Anufriev, who has been playing the role of the mascot of Metallurg HC - Timoshi for 25 years.




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