Friday, 23 August 2019 11:34

All to the concert!

Magnitogorsk residents choose music for the first evening in a virtual concert hall.

On the portal of electronic voting "Active Resident 74" posted a survey on the first concert of the project "All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall in Magnitogorsk." Classical or jazz - the townspeople have to choose music for the concert.

Recently, a new project was presented by the Magnitogorsk Concert Association - “The All-Russian Virtual Concert Hall in Magnitogorsk”. Residents of the city of metallurgists will be able to literally attend concerts of world celebrities thanks to the large screen and professional audio equipment. Content for the project is provided by the Moscow Philharmonic.

The concert season of the Virtual Hall will open soon. Which works will sound first in it - the festival of modern jazz orchestras "Jazz Summer with Eilenkrig" or summer concerts of popular classical music, is decided by the townspeople.

Voting will last until September 1. You can express your opinion by clicking on the link .

To participate in the voting, authorization is required on a single portal of public services, while the registration address must belong to the Magnitogorsk city district. The address can be filled in the user's personal account on the portal After making changes, re-authorization is required.

We will note that earlier residents of Magnitogorsk using the Active Resident 74 portal selected green spaces for the Birch Square. Birch trees will be planted in the park this fall. Residents also voted for the most interesting events for them in the libraries. The townspeople gave their preferences to holding all-Russian actions in libraries, for example, “BiblioNight” and “Night of the Arts”, as well as meetings with writers and interesting people in a “question-answer” format.

For reference:

The system of electronic voting " Active Resident74 " is a new service of the regional portal of state and municipal services of the Chelyabinsk region, which allows residents, together with the administration, to participate in the management of the city. A unique feature of the project is that the decisions that most users voted for are binding on the authorities. The project was launched by the government of the Chelyabinsk region. The project is being developed by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Chelyabinsk Region. The Active Resident74 service was created as part of the implementation of the federal project Digital State Administration of the national program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.

For the convenience of owners of smartphones and tablets, a free mobile application “Active Resident 74” has been developed, which can be downloaded on Google Play or the AppStore.


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