Friday, 23 August 2019 11:33

Magnitogorsk - the second capital of the Southern Urals

A press conference for Magnitogorsk journalists was held in Chelyabinsk, in which Alexey Teksler took part. The head of the region told representatives of city media about what changes in the near future await the second largest city in the South Urals.

The press conference was organized specifically for the Magnitogorsk "sharks of the pen." The head of the region in his opening remarks noted that the city of metallurgists is one of the economic centers of the Chelyabinsk region, a city that is stable and makes a significant contribution to the economy of the region.

“This is a city not only with great potential, but also with big ambitions in the good sense of the word,” said Alexei Leonidovich. “I support this kind of ambition and believe that Magnitogorsk lacked a new project to become an agglomeration center, to accumulate around itself the potential of nearby territories not only in the Chelyabinsk region, but also in Bashkortostan, Orenburg region.”

The project of the second capital of the South Urals includes development in several directions: transport and logistics, socio-cultural, tourism, economic, and not only on the basis of industry - primarily PJSC MMK, but also improving the quality of life of people as a whole. The provisions of this project have been worked out for several months together with the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov.

In particular, the reconstruction of the airport is planned. More than five billion rubles from the federal budget will be allocated for these purposes. The issue of extending the existing Miass-Uchaly branch to Magnitogorsk is being resolved, which will make it possible to reduce the route to Chelyabinsk by 150 kilometers and restore passenger rail links between the two capitals of the region. Negotiations are also underway with the Ministry of Transport on the transfer of the Magnitogorsk-Yuzhnouralsk highway from regional to federal property in order to raise additional funds for its development. Changes relate to the financing of urban roads.

“We allocate financing for the maintenance of roads in the amount of about 850 million rubles a year,” said Alexey Teksler. - Inside this amount there will be about one hundred million for current repairs, plus a decision has been made to allocate an additional 150 million rubles for repairs. Thus, the total amount of funds that will be allocated to roads is about a billion rubles. Magnitogorsk has never been allocated such funds. ”

Continuing the theme of landscaping, repair and road construction, Alexei Teksler emphasized the work being carried out in Magnitogorsk and said that he sets it as an example to his Chelyabinsk colleagues.

Separately, the head of the region focused on the gasification of the villages of Magnitogorsk. According to Alexei Leonidovich, in the near future it is planned to significantly increase funding: from 70 to 150 million rubles annually in order to solve this problem. Also planned are the reconstruction of treatment facilities, the continuation of the implementation of the program for dilapidated housing.

The repair of the Magnitogorsk Drama Theater named after A.S. is in full swing. Pushkin, a decision was made to conduct large-scale work at the conservatory. This year, the reconstruction of the former kindergarten on 28/1 Domenshchikov Street will be completed. A decision was made to build a kindergarten for 290 places in 147 microdistricts; they plan to launch it next year. Another kindergarten with 230 places will appear in microdistrict 137a in 2021.

Next year, a new school will open its doors - for 1000 students in 145 micro-districts. The construction of an ice complex near the Metallurg Arena has begun; 80 percent of the work is planned to be completed this year.

One of the largest development projects in Magnitogorsk, according to Alexei Teksler, is Attraction Park on the initiative of Viktor Filippovich Rashnikov.

“The investor is responsible for the development of the park, sports zone, land for housing, and the regional and federal budgets will build a multifunctional hospital center on this territory. Here will be the most modern equipment, which will significantly improve the quality of medical care for the population.The regional budget also plans to take on the street-road network of this space, connecting to all communal networks, ”said Alexei Leonidovich.

In addition, major repairs are planned at the Children's Hospital No. 3. The problem of lack of medical personnel will also be addressed.

In general, the head of the region summarized, there are a lot of plans for the development of Magnitogorsk and 500 million rubles more than before were already allocated to the city this year.According to Alexei Teksler, all of the above directions correspond to the status of Magnitogorsk as the second capital of the South Urals, will significantly change the situation and give impetus to the social and economic development of the city and the agglomeration of the south of the region, will make it possible to diversify the economy, develop small and medium-sized businesses. And such a focus on the city will allow these plans to be implemented.








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