Friday, 23 August 2019 11:32

To the joy of pedestrians

Beautification of the boulevard on Karl Marx Avenue from Zavenyagin Street to Boris Rucheev Street continues. Today the quality of work was appreciated by the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov.

Recall that the repair of the boulevard is carried out at the request of residents. The facility became the winner in a vote among three public territories under the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”. At the moment, dismantling works have been completed, dilapidated and old green spaces have been removed, the base of the bike path and the installation of curbs and cable lighting are being carried out.

A pedestrian path will also be landscaped, a lighting system will be installed, small architectural forms, urns, benches will be installed, Wi-Fi will be carried out, fir trees and a hedge along the road will be planted. The approximate length of the boulevard will be about eight hundred meters. All necessary activities are planned to be completed in mid-September.

“Today, the construction of the boulevard is fifty percent complete. There is no doubt that everything will be done efficiently and on time, ”the head of the city commented.

Sergey Berdnikov suggested that workers first of all pay attention to quality so that the completed facility lasts as long as possible.

And on the section from Gostiny Dvor to the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Zavenyagin Street, work has already been completed, a new sidewalk has appeared there. There will be a lot of such pedestrian zones this year. The plans include the construction of twenty-five new sidewalks with a length of about three thousand linear meters and the repair of the existing one hundred and thirty-five lengths of about nineteen thousand linear meters.

“We started doing sidewalks last year, this time we tripled the volume of work, they were a black dot on the city map, now we have changed the attitude to this problem,” the mayor said. “We will work until we bring them into proper condition.” First of all, where citizens ask. I believe that there should be sidewalks for pedestrians and roads for motorists in the city. ”

Magnitogorsk is endowed with the powers of the second capital of the South Urals. The city is developing in every way and must comply with its new status. Ahead - a lot of significant projects that have to be implemented in order to live in Magnitkestalo even more comfortable.









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