Friday, 23 August 2019 11:29

Security will be monitored by drones

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia have developed a concept for the operation of intelligent systems that will monitor road safety. The program is part of the package of measures of the federal project "System-wide measures for the development of the road economy" of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads."

Improving the security of transport infrastructure, creating new services and services for consumers on its basis is another step towards the digitalization of society.

Reducing the accident rate will help reducing the role of the human factor. This is possible when using vehicles equipped with various driver assistance systems and highly automated unmanned vehicles.

Specialists formed a draft concept that should minimize the likelihood of an accident, provide protection against probable terrorist attacks using highly automated vehicles, from cyber attacks and from intentional destabilization of traffic.

The concept also contains recommendations for the safe use of highly automated vehicles, the basic requirements for road infrastructure, promising areas for the use of unmanned and connected vehicles, and the socio-economic efficiency of introducing such systems.


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