Friday, 23 August 2019 11:29

How to prevent a fire in everyday life

As of August 21, more than 800 fires occurred in the city, which killed 13 people, another 23 were injured of varying severity. The amount of material damage exceeded ten million rubles.

The Civil Protection Department of the city administration resembles fire safety rules, the observance of which will avoid the tragedy:

  • Do not leave electrical appliances unattended when turned on;
  • do not allow children to play with matches, set fire to any objects;
  • trust only professionals to install and repair electrical wiring;
  • do not smoke in bed and in places that are not equipped for this;
  • Do not litter balconies with combustible rubbish, old furniture and things.

The cause of the death of most people during a fire is smoke. For the purpose of timely notification of a fire, autonomous fire detectors are installed in the houses. The device responds to the concentration of combustion products and gives a special alarm signal.

It should be added that in case of fire should immediately call 01 (mobile - 101) or a single emergency number 112 of operational services.


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