Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:04

Bumps and stumps - no!

For more than two years in Magnitogorsk actively repairing roads, crossings and sidewalks. The day before, work was completed at the entrance to the South Bridge - at the intersection of Voznesenskaya Street and Gryaznov Street.The results of the work were monitored by the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov.

“In this segment, the work is completed, residents and visitors can appreciate the convenience of moving. The next in line is the intersection of Gryaznov Street and Lenin Avenue. This is a “hotbed” of automobile congestion during rush hours. The work began last year, we have strengthened the networks, and now we are making strips that allow, bypassing the traffic light, to go to the right from each direction. Thus, we want to unload the intersection and solve the problem with traffic jams, ”said Sergey Nikolaevich.

It is worth noting that the following works are planned for 2019:

- repair of 30 crossings (including Gryaznova street - Voznesenskaya street, Vokzalnaya street - Karl Marx avenue, Zavenyagin street - Lenin avenue);

- arrangement of 57 parking pockets with a total area of ​​19,500 square meters near schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other social facilities;

- construction of new sidewalks - 25 sections (almost three kilometers long), repair of existing sidewalks - 135 sections (almost 19 kilometers long);

- repair and construction of roads - 43 sections with a total length of almost 42 kilometers.

Much work is also being done to improve the territory adjacent to the roads and sidewalks - demolished emergency and diseased trees. To eliminate stumps, the installation of "stump grinder" was purchased. Today, it was demonstrated to the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov in his work. The unit works according to the principle of auger - it chopped wood in a circle. The remaining wood chips or dust is then removed, as a result, new trees can be planted in this place . The work is carried out according to the schedule.




















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