Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:02

Ready for the weather

On the eve of Magnitogorsk, 95 percent of the monthly rainfall fell. An emergency warning about the worsening weather conditions came from the Ministry of Emergencies. The team of MBU "DSU of the city of Magnitogorsk" met the weather fully equipped.

According to the acting director of the municipal institution, Konstantin Kuzmin, DSU switched to a special mode of operation.As soon as possible, additional equipment was launched on the streets. The forces of workers timely cleared the gratings of storm sewers.

“The measures taken made it possible to ensure free passage of rainwater,” Konstantin Mikhailovich explained. “By ten o’clock in the evening, she had completely left.” It is worth recalling that people were notified of the impending bad weather and could adjust their travel routes in advance. If congestion was observed in some sections of the road due to local flooding, bypass routes were free. ”


Dispatching and control