Thursday, 15 August 2019 10:01

Landmark - quality

This year, tremendous work is underway in Magnitogorsk to improve the territory. Mayor Sergei Berdnikov emphasizes that the emphasis is not on quantity, but on the quality of work performed.

As part of the national project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment”, in 2019, 39 yards will be equipped on the territory of the city. In the Pravoberezhny district - 15, in Ordzhonikidzevsky - 14, in the Leninsky district - 10 yards. The works are carried out at the suggestions of residents: arrangement of additional parking spaces, installation of fences, repair of asphalt-concrete pavement of courtyard driveways, repair or construction of pedestrian walkways, construction of sand pads, installation of children's play complexes, restoration of disturbed landscaping, installation of benches and ballot boxes. The construction season is in full swing, 90% of the municipal program has already been completed.

In addition, repairs are underway in two public areas - a pedestrian zone along Karl Marx Avenue from Zavenyagin Street to Boris Rucheev Street and Victory Square.

65 events are planned on the register of mandates of voters of deputies of the Moscow State Duma. To date, 38 events have been carried out, the rest are in operation, it is planned to install game and sports equipment at playgrounds, arrange walkways, install additional benches and urns in courtyards and in public places. Work will continue until the end of the construction season.

Note that the city administration is always ready for a constructive dialogue with residents.




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